Open source projects


The main purpose of GLAMpipe is to provide tool with graphical user interface for data manipulation and conversion , both scripted and manual ways


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Old stuff


Flickr2GWToolset is a simple web application for editing metadata of Flickr images before uploading them to Wikimedia Commons via GWToolset.

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Render Online Orthograpic Tiles

A script for Blender that renders online orthographic tiles :)

This script renders 256*256 pixel tiles that can be used with Leaflet or OpenLayers.
In addition, it writes index.html for you so this is a sort of one-click solution. It uses a hosted version of Leaflet, so you don't have to download anything extra.

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X3DOM template for Blender

X3DOM template is a Blender script. The idea is to provide a tool for exporting 3D models to web with some basic interactions.

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SEBIA is a *very* simple image archive. It consists of couple of Python-scripts, XSL-transformations and very few lines of Javascript. The end result is a locally browseable HTML site with three views: by directories, by time and by events.

You can find it here